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  • 5th November, 2014

★Top 5 must-visit attractions★ in Hakodate.

One of the most attractive city – Hakodate City, where has a lot of enjoyable places and attractions. This time we will introduce you Top 5 must-visit attractions in Hakodate.

1. Night view at “Mount Hakodate”

Usually after 17:00 in the evening is good timing to view the night lights. There are also souvenir shops if you arrived there early, the presents usually visitors come here and buy is a heart-shaped chocolate. There is a restaurant located in the top of mountain, where you can enjoy the delicious food and great nighe view in the same time.

Address:Mount Hakodate, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, Japan.

2. Enjoy seafood at “Morning Market (Hakodate Asaichi)”

Lesser than 3 minutes walking from JR Hakodate Station will lead you to Hakodate asaichi. Here is a place full of energy. Japanese likes to come here, eating while walking around which has been described as “食べ歩き(tabearuki).” There are over 300 vendor stalls sell fresh seafoods, vegetables and fruits. Fresh seafood is absolutely recommended here such as crabs, squid, sea urchin and scallops! Wide range of seafood will let you forgot the time.

Here the best recommendation is sea urchin, squid, and salt flavored ramen. The fresh sea urchin with large quantity definitely will be broaden your view. The squid is the famous representitive of Hakodate which you can see many cute squid marks around the area.

Especially the squid sashimi is worth to try! If you have good appetite in the morning, please also try the salt flavored ramen. There are many ramen shops in Tokyo where sell Hakodate style salt ramen, that means this ramen is very popular with delicious specialty.

A morning market is held daily from 5am to 3pm in the afternoon, but many shops closed after 1pm. So please wake up early if you are planning to go to the morning market at Hakodate.

Address:9-19, Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate
Access:3 minute walking from JR Hakodate Station.

3. Go “Fort Goryokaku” and climb up to “Goryokaku Tower”

Fort Goryokaku is one of the must-visit attraction in Hakodate, and also is one of the best cherry blossoms spot in Hokkaido. Fort Goryokaku is a star fort, Western style citadel which was built in Edo period in Hakodate on the island of Hokkaido and was the last domestic battle field of “Hakodatesensou.”

The fort was eventually turned into a public park with admission free. If you come and visit here, Goryokaku Tower is a strong recommendation. The observatory tower has height 107m right beside the entrance, and will able to see views of historic Goryokaku star shaped. Inside the tower exhibits bronze statues related to Goryokaku. The most famous including the status of Deputy Shinesengumi, Hijikata tosinzo who led the forces to occupy the fortress of Goryokaku and new goverments. Many Japanese tourists also come here to take photos of the statues.

Address:43-9, Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate.
Admission:840 yen per adult, 630 yen per junior and high school student, 420 yen per elementary school student.
Access:take tram from JR Hakodate Station to “Goryokaku Koen Mae”, and about 15 minutes walking to the fort.

4. Walking at “Motomachi” (Church,Western buildings, streets)

The Hakodate harbour was the first to be opened to foreign trade, some 150 years ago. Motomachi became a district favored for the foreign residents where remain Western style buildings and streetscape today. With streets provides views as romantic just like a movie scene.

Walking at the illuminated sloping streets, you are able to see the beautiful view of habour, or iconic buildings sucj as the churches, the Old British Consulate, Old Hakodate Public Hall, and Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church. There are also a lot of cafe shops and restaurants around if you are walking tired and need a cup of coffee.


Address:Motomachi, Hakodate.
Hours:09:30~19:00(the opening hour is differ based on different seasons)
Access:To “Jujigai” Station in a 5 minute tram ride or 15 minutes walk.

5. Enjoy the shopping, fun , food at Bay Area.

Beautiful view and historically Red Brick Warehouse is a popular tourist attraction within Hakodate Bay area. The “Michelin Green Guid Japon” gives a one-star recommendation to the walk around Hakodate Port. The warehouse was developed in 1909 and the history is more than 100 years. The surround buildings are full of historical elements and the traces from the ferry route. Inside the red brick warehouse have 40 unique shops offer a range of trendy souvenir, interior, and fashion.

Strongly recommended spots:

Limited edition super burger 20 portions per day! Mount Hakodate Burger!

・Hakodate Bay tour cruises - Bluemoon Cruises
Easily to experience the beautiful environment by taking double layered Bluemoon cruises. It take one around in Hakodate Bay in day time, and will extended to Tsugary Strait in the evenings. Compare with the night view from Mount Hakodate, cruises is another choice to enjoy the city.

・はこだてルサマーヤ・スイーツ( rusamaya sweets)
The popular level number one sweets shop at Hakodate.

・カリフォルニアベイビーのシスコライス(Cisco Rice of California Baby)
Meat sauce + eggs + sausage + Western fried rice. New experience of Hakodate.

・An unobtrusive convenience store? Yakitori Bento of Hasegawa Store.
Young Japanese visitors love here, although its just a convenience store but it provides area for dining. Especially the yakitori bento is the top recommendation list.

Address:14-12 Suehiro-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hakodate.
Hours:09:30~19:00(opening hour chages based on different seasons)
Access:Take tram and stop at “Jujigai” station and 5 minutes walking to Red brick warehouse.

One of the most attraction city - Hakotade, where has a lot of enjoyable places and attractions. Please come and visit here!