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Tokyo – Ootori Shrine “Tori no Ichi”

“Tori no Ichi” is a festival held across Japan so that people can pray for good business and monetary luck. It is held in various locations during November, but the Tori no Ichi held at Ootori Shrine, known for being particularly auspicious, is said to receive the most visitors and boast the most stalls. Visitors purchase lucky “rakes” to bring in the good fortune for the coming year.
Originally the “rakes,” called “kumade,” were used as agricultural tools, but they soon became a symbol of “raking in” luck and monetary fortune, so they became decorative. The rakes are decorated with lucky items like “koban” gold coins and sea bream, and they’re sold for a range of prices, anywhere from 1000 yen to several tens of thousands of yen each. There are around 150 different stalls that sell these rakes, so it can be great fun to find just the right rake for you!


There are also plenty of food stalls set up, so you can really enjoy the festival atmosphere!

Entrance to Tori no Ichi at Asakusa’s Ootori Shrine
[Entrance to Tori no Ichi at Asakusa’s Ootori Shrine]

Video of Ootori Shrine “Tori no Ichi”

Basic information on Asakusa Ootori Shrine Tori no Ichi


Asakusa Ootori Shrine Tori no Ichi

3-18-7 Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo[MAP]
About 7 minutes on foot from Iriya Station’s North Exit #3, or about 8 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station
November 6th, 18th, 30th, 2017