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Obihiro, Tokachi

Winter Picturesque Views of Hokkaido! “Jewelry Ice”

An amazing photo arrived from my friend in the Tokachi District of Hokkaido!
It was of Hokkaido’s winter miracle scene, “jewelry ice.”
In recent years, its beauty has come to the attention of the world at large; many tourists are visiting Hokkaido to see this picturesque view.

Tokachi Millennium Forest’s “Segway Tours”

In 2007, the Tokachi Millennium Forest opened Japan’s first Segway tours.
(The Segway is an American-invented electronic two-wheeled standing-ride vehicle.)
So that even first-time riders can safely maneuver their Segway, the tour begins with an explanation of how to operate the Segway and some practice time.
Once everyone is able to ride their Segway, it’s off to the course!