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Sakata, Tsuruoka

Viewing Fall Foliage in Yamagata Prefecture: A Tour of Bonji-gawa Valley, a Bewitching Spot in the Tohoku Region

Bonji-gawa Valley, near Mount Yudono in Yamagata Prefecture, is a recommendable spot for viewing fall foliage. There are not only the secluded valley but also fall hills blanketed with fall foliage pleasing to the eye. The surrounding dam, bridges, lakes, waterfalls and shrines are elaborately adorned with fall foliage as well. Here is an itinerary for a walking tour of the valley to view fall foliage.

Yamagata, Tsuruoka Winter Festival Light Up

The Tsuruoka Winter Festival, which creates a beautiful winter sight, lights up the area!
During the festival, the former Nishitagawa Government Office (now Chido Museum) and the museum Taihokan inside Tsuruoka Park are both lit up, creating a beautifully romantic nighttime snowscape.