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Date Masamune Festival: a Grand Procession of Awe-Inspiring Warriors

Date Masamune resided in Iwadeyama, Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, when he was a hot-blooded youth. He led an army of 3,000 fearless warriors and headed for Kyoto, the center of Japan of that period. With the stirrups patterned with tigers, leopards, bears or peacocks, Date Masamune’s samurais on horses wore half-moon-bearing armor, held golden tachi and had a commanding presence. To commemorate the history, local people hold the Date Masamune Festival (Masamune-kou Matsuri) on the second Sunday of September every year.

Matsushima Island Boat Tour

There are over 260 islands in Miyagi Prefecture’s Matsushima!
From being sung about in songs or depicted in art for many years past, it is a place that has become known around the world.
One of Japan’s three famous scenic views, even the renowned Basho Matsuo (a haiku poet of the Edo period) is said to have dearly loved the views of Matsushima.