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Strange Festival – Takada Straw Bag Pulling

Every year the Straw Bag Pulling is held on the second Saturday of January in Aizuminato Town of Fukushima Prefecture.
In this festival, a large number of men dressed only in loincloths are split into two teams – red and white – and pull on a giant bale of straw like a game of tug-of-war. The bale is enormous, measuring 3 meters in diameter, 5 meters in height, and it can weigh as much as 3 tons.
Supposedly, when the red team of business officials wins it foretells business prosperity, and when the white team of agriculturalists wins it foretells good harvests.
There are opportunities for regular people to participate as well.

Ichinotogawa Railway Bridge Light-Up

Opened in 1910, the Ichinotogawa Railway Bridge was completed as part of the JR Ban’etsu West Line. A historical landmark over 100 years old, the Ichinotogawa Railway Bridge stands out beautifully against the night sky, almost like an illusion.

List of All Must-visit Hanami Spots in the Tohoku Region

It is expected that the cherry trees in the Tohoku region ("Northeast Region”) will be in full bloom around April 15th. The seven must-visit hamami (“cherry blossom viewing”) spots in the Tohoku region are listed here for your reference. We wish you a pleasant hanami tour ♡