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Strange Festival – Takada Straw Bag Pulling

Every year the Straw Bag Pulling is held on the second Saturday of January in Aizuminato Town of Fukushima Prefecture. In this festival, a large number of men dressed only in loincloths are split into two teams – red and white – and pull on a giant bale of straw like a game of tug-of-war.

A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence

The Aizu Samurai Residence is a theme park museum containing important cultural assets of Fukushima Prefecture, historic residences, and archives.
With the residence of Tanomo Saigo (1830-1903), Edo Period retainer of the Aizu clan, at its center, the museum features historical buildings and rooms such as the Fukushima Prefecture important cultural asset Nakahata Jinya, tearooms, and rice mills.