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【TOKYO】 “ALATA”; the Samurai Entertainment for visitors from all countries!

At the Alternative Theater in Yurakucho in Tokyo, Japanese Samurai Entertainment “ALATA” has been played. Since it is a non-verbal (language-free) performance, there are rarely no lines by characters. Instead, the story is told through images, music, dynamic dance and Japanese sword actions. For the performance to be enjoyed by people from all countries, the show is packed with unique Japanese cultural factors.

History and Watching of Kabuki! Single Act Tickets Recommended

Kabuki, a traditional drama unique to Japan and also one style of traditional Japanese theater, is said to have originated from the “dance of kabukimono” that was popular in Japan around the year 1600. The term “kabukimono” in Japanese referred to those dressing in flamboyant, eye-catching and bizarre clothing and acting strangely. Possibly, they are just the origins of such features of kabuki as dazzling costume, extravagant make-up and over-dramatized actions on the stage.