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Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

Ramen is one of the most quintessential dishes of Japan that all tourists should try at least once—though I’m sure once won’t be enough. It’s a perfect harmony of noodles, soup, and other ingredients. And what better a place to try it than at the Tokyo Ramen Show, where you can try ramen from popular local shops from all over Japan in one stop! You can also try original ramen that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Enjoy “Ramen-fest 2017,” a Winter Event at Ohi Racecourse!

Do you believe that “racecourses are for gambling”? There’s actually a racecourse that’s practically a sightseeing location of its own, where you can enjoy fun events, gorgeous illuminations, and even amazing gourmet foods! That place is here, “Ohi Racecourse” in Tokyo’s Shinagawa.

Among Numerous Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo, Which Offers Ramen Dishes That Will Please Our Palate Best? Ozeki Chinese Soba (Ozeki Chuka Soba) Definitely Comes Thoroughly Recommended!

If I were you who are a foreign visitor, I would have ramen for lunch during my stay in Tokyo (smile)! I have earned a living in Tokyo for more than 20 years since I left Ehime Prefecture when I was 19 years old. As for food, I do not think Tokyo offers much finer cuisine than my hometown does, but the ramen featured by Tokyo is really unequalled! It is too delicious for words!