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【Coupon offered!】Event Information for Nihonbashi Fukushimakan MIDETTE

“Nihonbashi Fukushimakan MIDETTE” is a shop specializing in Fukushima products located at Nihonbashi area in Tokyo.
The lineup of their products includes the nation’s top quality Japanese sake and fruits among other local specialties. The shop also provides information for Fukushima tourism.
Starting on August 21st 2017, they are going to start an event called “Fukushima Gourmet Fair” where local dishes will be available!
What’s more, with a coupon in our media, you will be receiving a special deal!

Hayashi Kyuemon – We’ve Found the Perfect Petite Gift!

The basement floors of Japanese department stores, often referred to as “depachika,” are veritable treasure troves of high-quality food products to choose from! This time, I’d like to introduce a product called “Omedetai Osuimono,” or “auspicious soup,” made by Hayashi Kyuemon, a brand I fell in love with at first sight!