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Tokyo Guest House “Sato san’s Rest”

This time, we will introduce “Sato san’s Rest,” a guesthouse known to those who are in the know.
Sato san’s Rest is located in Tokyo’s Minami-Senju, a convenient place for sightseeing in Tokyo.
The guesthouse is a family-run business, and it is gaining popularity thanks to the warm and welcoming service it offers, different from major guesthouses and hotels.

A Hostel Popular Among Tokyo Women, “Oak Hostel Zen”

This time, we will be introducing a Tokyo lodging facility called “Oak Hostel Zen.” It is a 3-minute walk from JR Uguisudani Station, the nearest station, which can get you to Akihabara by train in just 10 minutes. Ueno Park is also within walking distance, so we recommend visiting there for walking and jogging.
This facility offers not only dormitory-style rooms, but a wide variety of private rooms as well, so it works well for groups needing accommodations.

A Capsule Hotel for Women Only in Tokyo, “Akihabara BAY HOTEL”

Akihabara is one of the world’s leading electronic districts.
Not only is Akihabara home to many stores that sell electronics and appliances at a great price, but it’s also a huge sightseeing and tourist location packed with products related to anime, games, and figurines.
“Akihabara BAY HOTEL” is a women-only capsule hotel located just 3 minutes away from JR Akihabara Station.