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Ultra-Thin Long Wallets from Japanese Bag Craftsmen ATAO

Have you heard of the long wallets sold by the Kobe-based brand ATAO?
The brand has few physical retail outlets, so it may not be a highly recognized name brand. However, ATAO is known for products that are so easy to use that you won’t want to let go of them, so many of their products have to be ordered in advance if you want to get them!

A Stylish Hidden Gem of a Cafe: RAMO FRUTAS CAFE

GINZA PLACE is a new shopping complex that opened in 2016 at the crossroad of Ginza 4-Chome. Nissan's cutting edge cars are on display and you can try out (and buy) Sony's newest products there!
On the third floor, there is a stylish place called RAMO FRUTAS CAFE, where I recently had a fruit sandwich. I'd like to tell you all about it!