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Ebisu, Naka-Meguro, Meguro

Illumination of Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is beautifully illuminated each year as a winter tradition. Features include a 10-meter-tall Christmas tree, around 100,000 bulbs lit up in champagne gold, and even the world’s oldest chandelier, made by Baccarat, a traditional and innovative company with a history of over 250 years.

Among Numerous Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo, Which Offers Ramen Dishes That Will Please Our Palate Best? Ozeki Chinese Soba (Ozeki Chuka Soba) Definitely Comes Thoroughly Recommended!

If I were you who are a foreign visitor, I would have ramen for lunch during my stay in Tokyo (smile)! I have earned a living in Tokyo for more than 20 years since I left Ehime Prefecture when I was 19 years old. As for food, I do not think Tokyo offers much finer cuisine than my hometown does, but the ramen featured by Tokyo is really unequalled! It is too delicious for words!

The popular New York Hamburger Restaurant, SHAKE SHACK!

Last year, the hamburger restaurant “SHAKE SHACK” opened its first Japan location at Gaien Park. With a three-hour wait on its opening day, SHAKE SHACK was a hit from the get-go!
SHAKE SHACK is definitely a hot-topic hamburger restaurant: its second location opened in April of this year in Ebisu, and the third location opened in Yurakucho’s Tokyo International Forum this fall.
This time, I visited the popular SHAKE SHACK’s second location in Ebisu.