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STAR WARS:The Last Jedi is in 109MEN’S!

The very latest in men's fashion is at Shibuya's commercial establishment, 109MEN’S. Now, for a limited time, the official shop for STAR WARS:The Last Jedi is open there! In addition, a large number of projects are planned, including a Christmas present promotional campaign and limited editions of brand-name items!

(Coupon included!) Check out one of Tokyo’s most epic nightclubs: SOUND MUSEUM VISION!

Situated smack dab in the center of the Dogenzaka area of Shibuya, which is said to be Japan’s leading trend-setting location, you'll find one of the best nightclubs in Tokyo: SOUND MUSEUM VISION! Starting with the main floor, GAIA, which features a world-class sound system, the club also has 4 other sub-floors catering to different styles. You'll find all the best artists from all over Japan and the rest of the world here; you're sure to leave completely satisfied. Come check it out!

Great unisex looks from some of Shibuya 109MEN’S most popular shops!

You've probably heard of Shibuya, Tokyo's 109MEN'S, the commercial facility known for being the birthplace of many male fashion trends. However, did you know there are a number of shops on the 6th floor that sell a variety of unisex items that both men and women alike can rock? Even the shoe shop JADE offers a number of great unisex designs. So, without further ado, we’d like to show you some great unisex outfits displaying clothing items from 3 great shops paired with JADE shoes.

KIRAKU: One of Shibuya’s favourite long-standing ramen shops!

Shibuya is known as being one of the most trendy, fashion-forward places on earth. Busy intersections and unique youth culture are a couple other images that come to mind.
However, contrary to popular belief, there are in fact traces of old Japan hidden amongst the bright lights and shopping malls of Shibuya. KIRAKU is one of such places. This ramen shop has been in business for over 60 years—since 1952 to be exact! With patrons of various ages, from youth to the elderly, there’s no end in sight for KIRAKU’s popularity.

Formal menswear from Shibuya, Tokyo’s 109MEN’S!

You've probably heard of Shibuya, Tokyo's 109MEN'S, the commercial facility known for being the birthplace of many male fashion trends. Up until now, we've introduced you to a number of exciting items that could be worn during your days off, etc. But today, we'd like to show you some different items, ones that will keep you looking stylish in more formal situations.

Scramble Crossing

The scramble crossing (otherwise known as an X-intersection or diagonal crossing) in front of Shibuya Station is crossed by about 50 million people daily, and it is one of the largest intersections in the world! Although it is functionally just an ordinary intersection, the sheer number of people that cross it at once makes it an extraordinary sight that draws in overseas tourists, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action with camera in hand. When the cars passing through the intersection are all stopped and the pedestrian crossing signals light up, all the people waiting flow into the intersection, free to cross in whatever direction they wish.
The number of people crossing per signal is often over 3,000!