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Enjoy Cherry Blossoms and Gourmet Food on a Tram This Spring in Tokyo!

Cherry blossoms herald in spring in Japan. In Tokyo, they begin to bloom in late March. This article will introduce a sightseeing plan for Tokyo that combines cherry blossom viewing and gourmet foods in a ride on “Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line),” which takes an efficient route through great cherry blossom locations!

Achieve a Higher Level of Beauty at the Popular Tokyo Hair Salon, Hair Art Chiffon!

Tokyo is a city at the cutting edge of fashion trends.
Many people from overseas want to go to Tokyo's hair salons, but they may feel uneasy because they are in another country.
I'd like to introduce a solution to that problem: the popular hair salon, Hair Art Chiffon! With their excellent techniques and sensibilities, experienced stylists work one-on-one with you to bring out your inner beauty. That's why this hair salon is so highly ranked!
What's more, you can relax when you enter this shop because they're able to handle foreign languages!

A Bookstore You Can Stay In! BOOK AND BED TOKYO

This time, I will be introducing BOOK AND BED TOKYO, a hostel created to be a “bookstore you can stay in.”
Although it is conceptually supposed to be a bookstore, they do not sell books. Instead, in practice it is more like a library where customers can both putter around reading at their leisure and sleep.