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A Hostel Popular Among Tokyo Women, “Oak Hostel Zen”

This time, we will be introducing a Tokyo lodging facility called “Oak Hostel Zen.” It is a 3-minute walk from JR Uguisudani Station, the nearest station, which can get you to Akihabara by train in just 10 minutes. Ueno Park is also within walking distance, so we recommend visiting there for walking and jogging.
This facility offers not only dormitory-style rooms, but a wide variety of private rooms as well, so it works well for groups needing accommodations.

“Kanda Matsuri” at Tokyo’s Kanda Shrine

Kanda Matsuri is a religious festival held once every two years. This historic festival, called one of the “Three Great Edo Festivals” and the “Three Great Japanese Festivals,” has been held for over 400 years. The festival lasts for 7 days, but the most people come to see the “shinkousai” and “mikoshi miyairi,” held on Saturday and Sunday, during which you can see impressive displays of mikoshi carrying.

A Capsule Hotel for Women Only in Tokyo, “Akihabara BAY HOTEL”

Akihabara is one of the world’s leading electronic districts.
Not only is Akihabara home to many stores that sell electronics and appliances at a great price, but it’s also a huge sightseeing and tourist location packed with products related to anime, games, and figurines.
“Akihabara BAY HOTEL” is a women-only capsule hotel located just 3 minutes away from JR Akihabara Station.

TOKYO: A Women-Only Overnight Facility! Introducing 9 Hours Kanda Woman

9hours (referred to as "9h") is a capsule hotel chain offering all the necessities for overnight stays with a simple and smart design. By developing capsule hotels at convenient locations within 3 minutes of major stations, airports and city centers, this chain is gaining in popularity. In July of 2017, it opened a new hotel called "9h Woman Kanda"! As the first 9h capsule hotel just for women, it's set in a great location, just a one-minute walk from Kanda Station!

Lanzhou Mazilu Beef Lamian Debuts in Japan

On August 22, 2017, Lanzhou Mazilu Beef Lamian, reputed to be the most famous lamian brand in China, formally opened its first branch in Japan, which was located in Tokyo’s Jimbocho. Having heard of its tremendous popularity among the locals, I anticipated a long line before the restaurant to wait for trying its delicacies.