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Machida, Inagi, Tama

Yomiuriland Jewellumination

Yomiuriland Jewllumination, a popular illumination event in Tokyo where elegant jewel-like lights are lit, enhancing Tokyo’s night view, is back for 2019!

Hydrangeas at Tokyo’s Takahata Fudo-son Temple

Takahata Fudo-son Temple is located in Hino City of Tokyo Prefecture. It is one of the three famous Fudo temples of the Kanto region, and it is one of Tokyo’s most famous locations for hydrangeas. The temple has around 7500 hydrangeas of 200 varieties growing wild around it, and a hydrangea festival is held annually from early June through early July, when they are at their most beautiful.

Visiting YOMIURILAND on a winter night.

I visited the YOMIURILAND amusement park to see the Jewellumination (Jewel illumination) .I was especially impressed with the attractions “Light on dance” and “Water fountain fantasy created by the light and sound”.