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Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture – Nanabatake Road 2018

Every year, the large numbers of people that visit this area are surprised at how many flowers are blooming as early as January! The flowers look like they could be a solid carpet of yellow! Visiting Kamogawa in the early spring to see it covered in rape flowers, and even enjoying picking them, is great fun!

Narita-san Shinsho-ji  Hatsumode (New Year’s Visit to a Shrine)

A historical main temple of Chizan School of Shingon Sect, founded in 940.
With the grounds as big as 220,000㎡, it is one of the largest temples in Japan.
Every year, between January 1st and the 3rd, as many as 3 million people visit the place for New Year’s. This is the second largest number of visitors in the country.
Every day at the same time, a training called “Goma Kitou (Goma Fire Ritual)” is held in the main hall. During this training, blazing fire is made and prayers are made.

Disney Halloween events hosted by Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

The Disney Halloween event is one of the most popular events hosted by Disney resorts.
This will be the 20th year that “Disney’s Halloween” has been held, so guests are allowed to dress up as Disney Characters during the Halloween event! You are invited to join in and immerse yourself in the the world of Disney.
Disneyland will host a fun Halloween party while Disney Villains will host a cool and spooky Halloween party at DisneySea.
It’s hard to choose which one to attend.
Special menu items and souvenirs will be available as well!

2017 Special event on from September 8th - October 31st

A 5-Hour Wait at "Tomita" in Chiba Prefecture's Matsuko?! The #1 Tsukemen in Japan That's Worth the Wait!

Do you know about the shop said to be Japan's best ramen restaurant? That would be "Chuka Soba Tomita," in Chiba Prefecture's Matsuko City.
It is a famous shop among famous shops; Tomita has won the grand prize in TRY (Tokyo Ramen of the Year) for 4 consecutive years, has earned many victories at tournaments such as Dai Tsukemen Haku for being top-quality tsukemen, and has had its praises sung by many famous ramen critics.
This time, I visited that very "Tomita"!