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Chiba Prefecture, Narita Taiko Festival

The Narita Taiko Festival is a grand taiko performance, made up of around 1500 talented performers from 50 groups that gather from across Japan. The festival is held in the area around Chiba Prefecture’s Omotesando Road and in front of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

Four Must-Visit Hydrangea (Embroidered Ball Flower) Spots in Tokyo and Its Suburb!

The world of cherry blossoms has gone with April, while upcoming July will see hydrangeas in full bloom. Hydrangea blossoms can be white, pink, red, blue or purple; the gorgeous blossoms look like embroidered balls, so they are nicknamed "embroidered ball flowers”. When the rainy season starts in late June, different shapes of blossoms wet with dew will be amazingly beautiful. Here five must-visit hydrangea spots in Tokyo and its suburb are recommended to enthusiasts of photography!

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