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Ichihara, Kisarazu, Kamogawa, Tateyama

Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture – Nanabatake Road 2019

Every year, the large numbers of people that visit this area are surprised at how many flowers are blooming as early as January! The flowers look like they could be a solid carpet of yellow! Visiting Kamogawa in the early spring to see it covered in rape flowers, and even enjoying picking them, is great fun!



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Located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, Umihotaru is a rest area above the sea!
A wide variety of dining options are available in Umihotaru, including udon, ramen, sushi, hamburgers, tempura bowls, sweets, coffee, pizza, and more!
Umihotaru also is the only place to try certain foods, such as dishes using Kisarazu clams, so many guests come to try these exclusive meals.