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Takasaki City, Akagi, Tomioka

Lake Haruna Illumination Festa 2018

Located at the summit of Mt. Haruna, in Gunma Prefecture’s Takasaki City, Lake Haruna is at an altitude of 1,084 meters above sea level, making it the second highest lake in Japan! Due to this, the air at the lake is very clear, making the lights of the Illumination Festa even more beautiful.

Tomioka Silk Mill

Established in 1872, the Tomioka Silk Mill was opened to contribute to the modernization of Japan by the Meiji government, and it was Japan’s first machine-based silk mill. In the past, Japan’s government exported silk as a means to gather funds to promote the development of science and technology. Tomioka Silk Mill has remained mostly unchanged since those times. It has been registered as a World Heritage Site.