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Yamanashi Prefecture - Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival

Multiple fireworks festivals are held in August every year at the Fuji Five Lakes. Among those, the top-ranking festival is the Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival. The festival is held for consolation of spirits, prayer that no disasters occur, and appreciating the blessings of the lakes.

Yamanashi, Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

The “Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” is a major annual event for Lake Kawaguchi in the early summer. It begins in mid-June, and it lasts for roughly a month.
Around 100,000 stalks of lavender grow along the lakeside area, with the main areas for viewing the flowers being Yagizaki Park and Oishi Park.
Enjoy the rejuvenating combination of a view of Mt. Fuji and the scent of lavender.

Lake Kawaguchi’s 2018 Winter Fireworks

Lake Kawaguchi hosts a winter fireworks show every year.
The sky is clearer during the winter than in the summer, so the enhanced beauty of the fireworks makes the Lake Kawaguchi show particularly popular.

Lake Yamanaka Art Illumination “FANTASEUM”

Located on a 1000-meter-high plateau, “Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park” is home to illumination displays with Mt. Fuji as its gorgeous backdrop. The beautiful starry sky, Mt. Fuji, and heartwarming artful light displays will surely make for lovely memories to share with your special someone.
Fireworks will also be set off during the event period. (Mainly on Saturdays)
We also recommend enjoying the available food stalls, where you can enjoy a delicious meal.