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Nagano Prefecture – Zenkoku Shinsaku Hanabi Kyogi-Taikai

Nagano Prefecture’s Lake Suwa is famous for being a great location to launch fireworks. That very lake is where firework creators from across Japan compete in displays using fireworks crafted with innovative ideas and technologies. The fireworks, with the craftsmen’s passions built into them, are launched along with messages and music, and the sight is truly a moving work of art. Around 18000 fireworks are planned to be set off over a period of about an hour and a half.

A day trip to visit major tourist spots in Matsumoto 《Special article to explore Chubu & Hokuriku areas from Shinjuku by express bus 1/3》

The city of Matsumoto lies between the Northern Japan Alps and Utsukushigahara plateau thus allowing people to enjoy scenery of the mountain ranges from anywhere in the city. Behind Matsumoto castle stands the Northern Alps and with this castle in the center, the city stretches wide from south to north with many preserved historical storehouses. In addition, Matsumoto is a tourist-friendly city with lots of charming streets and museums gathered right by Matsumoto station. In this article, we will show you a tour to fully enjoy Matsumoto in one day.

White Christmas in Karuizawa

White Christmas in Karuizawa began as a hand-made illumination started and made by several women. That group has since broadened, and now that illumination is the main event of Karuizawa’s Winter Festival!

Nozawa Onsen’s Dosojin Matsuri (Fire Festival)

Nozawa Onsen Village in Nagano Prefecture is famous for its hot springs and ski resorts. The area’s “Dosojin Matsuri” (“Fire Festival”) is one of Japan’s three great fire festivals, and it is an important Intangible Cultural Property of the country.
The festival’s main event sees the villagers trying to set fire to a giant shrine, 10 meters tall and 8 meters wide, while the yakudoshi (unlucky age) men of 25 and 42 years battle to prevent the fire.
The scene almost appears like a life-or-death battle, with men fighting each other tooth and nail with lit torches and pine branches.

Must-go Fireworks Festivals in 2017! <Collaborative article with Yamada Denki_ second Part>

Under the collaboration with “Yamada Denki”; a leading home appliance store, in this media we have introduced timely events and tourists spots over several occasions. Using their low-priced prepaid SIM known as “YAMADA New Mobile” (formerly known as YAMADA SIM), YAMADA Denki suggests tourists visiting Japan to upload their lively pictures on their Social Networking Sites (SNS) while still in Japan.Of the first and second, this is the second part of the article to introduce recommended fireworks festivals this summer.

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle was built between the years 1593 and 1594.
Matsumoto Castle is one of the oldest of the still-standing “gojuu-rokkai” (five roofs, six stories) structures in Japan, and it has been registered as a national treasure.
(Gojuu-Rokkai: From the outside, the building appears to have five stories. However, the interior has six stories.)
The castle’s exterior has a contrast of black and white, giving it a stately appearance. It is beloved by many as a symbol of Nagano Prefecture.