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Nagano City, Shiga Highlands

Nozawa Onsen’s Dosojin Matsuri (Fire Festival)

Nozawa Onsen Village in Nagano Prefecture is famous for its hot springs and ski resorts. The area’s “Dosojin Matsuri” (“Fire Festival”) is one of Japan’s three great fire festivals, and it is an important Intangible Cultural Property of the country.

Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi Shrine, located at the base of Nagano Prefecture’s Mt. Togakushi, has a history of over 2000 years, and in the past, it was a very famous place for practicing Shintoism.
The shrine is comprised of five buildings, Oku-sha, Chu-sha, Hoko-sha, Kuzuryu-sha, and Hino-miko-sha. It is said that worshipping at all five locations improves your luck in a very balanced manner.

A Free Travel to Nagano in Winter to See Wild Japanese Macaques Loving Bathing in Hot Springs and Living in Jigokudani Monkey Park!

An around 90-minute train ride on the Nagano Shinkansen (now a part of the Hokuriku Shinkansen) can take us from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station, where we can take another train by the Nagano Electric Railway to get to Yudanaka Station. The station is close to the entrance of Jigokudani (hell valley), which is a paradise on earth for Japanese Macaques loving bathing in onsens (Japanese hot springs). Tourists from Europe and America have given the macaque inhabiting this area an affectionate nickname “snow monkey”.