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2017 Niigata Pageant of Lights

The rows of trees that line Keyaki-Dori just outside of Nigata Station’s South Exit are illuminated by around 260,000 bulbs of light! The resplendent lights are sure to warm the hearts of everyone in attendance.

Niigata Prefecture – Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Festival

One of Japan’s Three Great Fireworks Displays. Niigata Prefecture is famous for its production of fireworks.
The Nagaoka Matsuri Grand Fireworks Festival sees a total of 20,000 fireworks launched over the two-day period of August 2nd and 3rd every year!
Not only are a great number of fireworks launched, but many types of fireworks you can’t see elsewhere are also on display, and the enormous scale of the event is amazing!

Must-go Fireworks Festivals in 2017! <Collaborative article with Yamada Denki_First Part>

Under the collaboration with “Yamada Denki”; a leading home appliance store, in this media we have introduced timely events and tourists spots over several occasions. Using their low-priced prepaid SIM known as “YAMADA New Mobile” (formerly known as YAMADA SIM), YAMADA Denki suggests tourists visiting Japan to upload their lively pictures on their Social Networking Sites (SNS) while still in Japan. In this article divided into the first and second parts, we will tell you about our recommended fireworks festivals held in Japan this summer.

Myoko Kogen

Myoko Kogen

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Myoko City, of Niigata Prefecture, is home to Myoko Kogen, a mountain resort where guests can enjoy skiing, hot springs, mountain climbing, and other activities in nature year-round.
Thanks to the opening of Jetsu Myoko Station off of the Hokuriku Shinkansen in March 2015, access to Myoko Kogen from Tokyo has become very convenient!

The “GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort” has excellent accessibility! It’s only 1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo, with direct access to the station!

Among all of the available ski resorts in Japan, we would like to recommend “GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort,” an exceptionally easy-to-access ski resort that is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Tokyo. The facility is, of course, a great place to ski or snowboard, but it also offers attractions that anyone can enjoy, such as beginner-friendly snow parks and snow-play corners, as well as sledding slopes. As the resort is not near any large city centers, once guests arrive by train or Shinkansen, the primary mode of travel is by bus. However, the GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort has direct access to a Shinkansen station, which makes it a very convenient access point for travelers!

Naeba Ski Resort

Naeba Ski Resort is located in Yuzawa, a town in Niigata Prefecture’s Minamiuonuma District.
The resort is operated by Prince Hotel, and there is a conveniently located hotel next to the facility.
There are 7 beginner courses, 6 intermediate courses, and 6 advanced courses. Naeba Ski Resort is a popular place for skiers every year!