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Yamamotoya Honten: Nagoya’s famous miso-nikomi udon specialists!

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture is well known for its unique cuisine known as Nagoya meshi. My favourite dish is, hands down, their miso-nikomi udon (thick udon noodles stewed in miso broth)! I couldn’t wait to head to one of the area’s most recommended miso-nikomi udon shops: Yamamotoya Honten. They have a number of locations, but I decided to visit their Esca shop which is situated under Nagoya Station.

Enjoy Unique Experiences in 6 Popular Places in Aichi Prefecture!

Located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago, Aichi Prefecture offers year-round sightseeing, thanks to its mild climate in all seasons. Starting with the LEGOLAND Japan theme park, and ending up with one of the gourmet dishes called, "Nagoya-Meshi", I'll tell you about all the popular spots to visit in Aichi Prefecture!

Aichi Prefecture – World Cosplay Summit (WCS)

The “World Cosplay Summit (WCS),” an irresistible big event for anime lovers, will be held in Aichi Prefecture this year! Every year the number of participants has risen, and in 2016 there were participants from 30 different countries! This is a new form of international exchange through cosplaying!

Aichi Prefecture’s Men-Only Capsule Hotel “Wellbe Nagoya Imaike”

“Wellbe Nagoya” is a very popular capsule hotel chain in Nagoya. This time, I visited their Imaike location.
One night’s stay, which includes a breakfast buffet, starts at 4220 yen. It may be a capsule hotel, but guests can also enjoy an outdoor bath and sauna as well. Another point of appeal is the unlimited access net booths, where you can watch all the movies you want.

Satsuki and Mei’s House

Satsuki and Mei’s House is located in the Expo Memorial Park.
This facility reproduces the house of Satsuki and Mei, characters in the film “My Neighbor Totoro.” The film was set in 1955 in Japan, and adults who grew up in that time may feel a sense of nostalgia when visiting the house. Please note that staging in the house may change based on the season.

Sea Train Land’s Very Merry Christmas

Christmas has come to Sea Train Land, bringing with it fun seasonal attractions like an 8-meter-tall Christmas tree, a starry-sky dome, and the park’s dolphin-shaped pieces of art seamlessly blended with lights illuminations, making for an enjoyable night!