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Mt. Fuji Area

“Kyukamura Fuji,” Shizuoka Lodging with a View of Mt. Fuji from Every Room

Do you want to spend time enjoying delicious foods and looking over a gorgeous view in a peaceful place surrounded by nature? This article will be introducing “Kyukamura Fuji,” which is just the place for those things.
Kyukamura Fuji is an onsen (hot spring) hotel on the side of Shizuoka Prefecture’s Lake Tanuki, and every guest room has a view of Mt. Fuji.
Gorgeous, majestic nature surrounds the hotel. However, anything you may need, like meals, is all available at the hotel.
Spend some relaxing time here and forget about the fatigue and pressure of everyday life.

Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park is the largest zoo in Japan! It has gained immense popularity since its opening in 1980 due to impressive television commercials and comparatively large numbers of animals. The zoo is mainly divided into two sections, the “Fureai Zone” and the “Safari Zone.”

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Gotemba Premium Outlets is a shopping area that boasts the largest number of shops in Japan!
From luxury brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Coach, to more casual brands such as Adidas, Nike, and The Gap, Gotemba Premium Outlets has a wide variety of shops to choose from for any needs.

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls

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Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Shiraito Falls is a natural monument and popular scenic spot located in Shizuoka Prefecture’s Fujinomiya City.
As part of Mt. Fuji, Shiraito Falls is covered as part of the mountain’s registration as a World Cultural Heritage. Mt. Fuji is considered a subject of faith and source of art.
Reminiscent of strands of white silk, hundreds of waterfalls of varying sizes tumble from a cliff 20 meters high and 150 meters wide. The water in Shiraito Falls is Mt. Fuji’s springwater, and up to 1.5 tons of water falls per second. Shiraito Falls is Mt. Fuji’s largest waterfall.