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Enjoy an authentic Japanese experience in Kanazawa. ~ Higashi tea house district and Kazuemachi tea house district~

Kanazawa is the main city of Ishikawa prefecture. Ishikawa is located in the centre of Japan’s main island. This region is called Hokuriku. In 2015 Japan Rail started to operate the Hokuriku Shinkansen(bullet train) line. Now we can access Kanazawa station from Tokyo in only 2.5 hours!
This time I journeyed through Kanazawa’s popular tourist spots, the Higashi tea house district and the Kazuemachi tea house district.

A day trip to visit major tourist spots in Kanazawa 《Special article to explore Chubu & Hokuriku areas from Shinjuku by express bus 3/3》

Located in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains facing the ocean. The city has developed around Kanazawa Castle, which has stood for over 400 years without experiencing war or a major natural disaster. Owing to its history, many of the town's temples and tea shops have survived in good condition, lending an old-fashioned feel to its streets. Starting with 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, modern tourist spots are also being created for visitors to enjoy. Now I'll introduce a recommended 1-day course that's sure to satisfy you!

Ishikawa Prefecture – Crab Soup Oonabe

Since 2001, Ishikawa Prefecture’s Yamanaka Onsen City has hosted the Crab Soup Oonabe (large hot pot) annually. One bowl of the soup is just 300 yen.
Warm crab soup, made carefully from fresh local ingredients like crab and sweet shrimp, is served in Yamanaka lacquerware. This event is held daily from November through March. Be sure to savor this delicious flavor!