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Enjoy Seasonal Breakfast at “Hannari Tennoji Store”

If you’re looking for a great lunch around Abeno, an area around Tennoji in Osaka, then you absolutely should check this place out! I’ve heard that sort of high praise about this restaurant several times, so I decided to stop by “Hannari Tennoji Store” for lunch!
This restaurant offers traditional Kyoto home cooking, “obanzai.”

Summer is the time to get outside and go play. Keep “Oronine H Ointment” at home for cuts and scrapes. (Find out where to buy in Osaka area)

Summer is a super-fun season for a variety of outdoor activities, like mountain climbing and swimming in the ocean! However, the more outdoor activities you take part in, the more your chance of falling and hurting yourself goes up too. In addition, during a fun trip, you may need to find medicine to deal with such incidents. This article will introduce “Oronine H Ointment,” a household medicine in Japan.

A Luxurious Lunch at “Matsu Sushi” in Osaka

“Matsu Sushi” is located a short ways into an alley off of the “Kitabatake Park Main Street Shopping District” in Osaka. It has been open for 50 years, and it has many fans who appreciate its fresh seafood and carefully crafted dishes. It even has a reputation as having great value for the food you get! This time I decided to stop by for lunch.