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Osaka Prefecture, Let's enjoy Plum Festival at Expo’70 Commemorative Park♪

Expo’70 Commemorative Park, in Osaka, is a lovely place overflowing with natural beauty. No matter the season, it is a place where you can enjoy beautiful flowers and trees.
Taking a leisurely walk through the park on a clear day is one of life’s finer pleasures.
This year’s plum festival will be held on February 18th, in Expo’70 Commemorative Park’s Natural Culture Park and Japanese garden.
The Natural Culture Park features around 600 plum trees of around 120 different varieties, while the Japanese garden has around 80 plum trees of 40 varieties. In both locations, you can enjoy a variety of plum blossoms, in colors like white, pink, and red.
Various events are scheduled during the festival period.

Nara Prefecture’s Todai-ji – Nigatsu-do Shuni-e

First held in the year 752, this event has been held every year without fail for over 1260 years!
Held by the temple’s monks in front of Nigatsu-do’s figure of the Eleven-Headed Kannon, the temple’s idol, the event exists to repent for the everyday sins of humanity and wish for everyone’s happiness.
This tradition is so old and familiar to the people of Nara that it is said that spring comes to Nara after Shuni-e ends.

Shitenno-ji – Doya-Doya Festival

The Doya-Doya Festival is a festival in which boys wearing loincloths and headbands scramble to gather evil-warding charms.
In the past, it was said that hanging the charms from this festival in your rice fields would ward off pests and grant an abundant harvest.
The name “Doya-Doya” is said to come from the sound of the gathered crowd’s footsteps.
The festival was originally participated in by the locals, but today, to avoid confusion and disorder, it is primarily held for kindergarten and junior high school students, and for high school students.
Visitors who come to Shitenno-ji to pray cannot participate in the festival, but amulets of Gyu-o-Hoin are available for purchase for 1000 yen each.

Nishinomiya Shrine “Touka Ebisu”

Touka Ebisu is a festival held annually from January 9th to January 11th at Nishinomiya Shrine, the main shrine out of the approximately 3500 shrines in Japan dedicated to the kami Ebisu.
Ebisu is one of Japan’s Seven Gods of Fortune (Shichifukujin), and he is the god of fishing and commerce.
Every year over 1 million visitors come to Touka Ebisu, and around 600 stalls open on the shrine’s grounds and in the surrounding area.

【Osaka】 “Expo'70 Commemorative Park” Info on Fall Foliage & Fall Events

“Expo'70 Commemorative Park” was built at the remaining site of the Japan World Exposition held back in 1970. In the site as large as nearly 260 ha, there live various trees and flowers, and also there are waterfalls and Japanese garden. In this article, we will talk about the “Japanese Garden” area with astonishing fall beauty and also tell you about fall events!

World Heritage Site – Mt. Koya (Part 2) – Walking Around “Okunoin,” Mausoleum for Kobo Daishi

Wakayama Prefecture. After enjoying the autumn leaves at Kongobu-ji and enjoying sesame tofu and shojin-ryori for lunch, let’s continue on and walk around “Okunoin.” Okunoin hosts the graves of historical figures and daimyo from across the country, is filled with interestingly shaped graves and memorial towers, and is home to Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum.
In this second part, I’ll provide information on accessing Mt. Koya and some great value tickets.

Sanjusangen-do – Ohmato Taikai (Archery Competition)

The Ohmato Taikai is a tournament in which only young adult (20 years of age) ranked archers and martial artists can participate.
Participants compete by shooting two arrows at a target around 60 meters away.
Participating in this tournament is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people, and every year around 2000 young adults come to compete.
The sight of participants wearing furisode and hakama as they pull their bows taut is brilliant and stunning. Even those who are not familiar with the intricacies of archery can enjoy the skillful displays.
Participation is strictly limited, but anyone can watch the competition. Admission is free on the day of the tournament.