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Enjoy a Luxurious Beef Stew Set Made with Cocoa at Cacaotier Gokan Koraibashi Main Store in Osaka

In 2017, popular Osaka patisserie “Gokan” that has various locations in department stores opened a chocolate specialty store, “Cacaotier Gokan Koraibashi Main Store.”
Using cocoa beans from plantations around the world, the pastry chefs make the chocolate in-house, following a classical “bean to bar” approach.
I heard that they have a beef stew set made with cocoa for lunch, so I hurried up and went in for a visit!

Exclusive to Osaka’s Hankyu Umeda Main Store! New Sensation Gummi Specialty Shop “cororo”

Have you heard of “cororo” gummies, sold at shops like convenience stores?
Cororo’s gummies are popular for their juiciness and unique texture, made possible by being made with plenty of fruit juice.
In April of 2017, “cororo,” a specialty shop selling the high-quality gummies of the same name, opened up in Hankyu Umeda Main Store!
They aren’t available online, and the shop is so popular that it’s normal to wait for up to 2 hours in line!


“ARK HOSTEL & CAFÉ DINING” is located right between Osaka’s main stations, Umeda Station and Namba Station. As it’s located in an area called Higobashi, known for being particularly safe, we especially recommend staying here to women.

Enjoy Incredibly Fresh “Tsukami Sushi” at Osaka’s Endo Sushi!

Endo Sushi is a sushi restaurant with a long history of over 100 years.
It is a popular establishment, known for its unique sushi rice, known as “tsukami sushi,” and its fresh toppings.
Tsukami sushi is a unique way to shape sushi rice, lightly grasping the still-warm rice before placing the toppings on, which is characterized by the unique texture as the rice gently falls apart in your mouth.

What are the Featured Autumn Products at Osaka’s Trend Hub, “Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store”?

In the heart of Osaka's city center, Umeda, you'll find the impressive Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, one of Japan’s largest department stores. Housing many of the world's finest brands—and everything from sweets and cosmetics to fashion—it serves as an invaluable resource for fashion-conscious women interested in all the latest crazes. This time, we’ll be introducing some of our recommended sweets and cosmetic items for you to check out this autumn(2017).

Chocolate Soft-Serve Ice Cream from “MAX BRENNER” in Osaka

“MAX BRENNER” is a chocolate brand from Israel.
They now have over 40 shops around the world that sell their chocolate bars, the first established shop being in New York.
Their soft-serve ice cream, which was previously only available in the Tokyo location, is now available in Osaka, so I had to visit as soon as I could!
The shop is located on the 2nd floor of “LUCUA 1100,” a fashion building in front of Osaka Station.

Osaka Festival of Lights 2017 – Midosuji Illumination 2017

In 2014, the Midosuji Illumination was certified as holding the world record for “most roadside trees illuminated.” This year’s illumination, which will cover a total length of about 4 kilometers from Umeda to Nanba in colorful lights, was based on the design concept of a “symbolic street illumination that gently wraps the people of Osaka in light.”