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Let's Visit the Music Box Museum, with its Lovely, Healing Tone Colors!

The Music Box Museum is a specialty shop of music boxes in Otaru, Hokkaido.
There are many kinds of music boxes made of grass, wood or other material.
And their gentle sounds will captivate you when you step into the shop.
In addition, there are a lot of other items to decorate music boxes to charm visitors, such as beautiful ornaments and dolls that move to the melody of music.

Len is both a convenient and delightful hostel to stay at when in Kyoto!

Located in Kawaramachi, Kyoto you’ll find Len, a trendy little hostel with its own built-in café and bar. The first floor’s lounge area, where the café and bar are located, welcomes not only guests, but locals and travelers alike. The atmosphere is laid back and encourages people to come together and have a good time. Its location is convenient for sightseeing around Kyoto as well, with the downtown area and Kamogawa just a stone's throw away.

Sanjusangen-do – Ohmato Taikai (Archery Competition)

The Ohmato Taikai is a tournament in which only young adult (20 years of age) ranked archers and martial artists can participate.
Participants compete by shooting two arrows at a target around 60 meters away.
Participating in this tournament is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people, and every year around 2000 young adults come to compete.
The sight of participants wearing furisode and hakama as they pull their bows taut is brilliant and stunning. Even those who are not familiar with the intricacies of archery can enjoy the skillful displays.
Participation is strictly limited, but anyone can watch the competition. Admission is free on the day of the tournament.

Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro - 2017

The blend of magnificent flower arrangements, provided in collaboration with the Kyoto Ikebana Association, and lights, such as around 2500 LED lit open-air lanterns, creates a very Japanese aura through the lights and shadows. In tandem with Saga Arashiyama region’s natural beauty, by leveraging the magnificence of waterside spaces, bamboo groves, and historical cultural areas, the landscape is transformed into a beautiful scene.

Gion Matsuri in Kyoto – One of Japan’s 3 Greatest Festivals

A Festival that Spans a Full Month with Over 1100 Years of History. Gion Matsuri is a religious celebration of Yasaka Shrine, located in Higashiyama-ku of Kyoto City. The festival has its origins in Shinto rituals conducted to ward off the epidemic that plagued Kyoto in 869.
A variety of rituals and events are held across the month-long festival, which lasts from July 1st through the 31st every year.
This article will introduce “yoiyama” and “yamaboko junko,” two of the top events during the month-long festival. The “Kyoto Gion Matsuri Yamaboko Gyoji” is a registered UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.