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Lake Biwa Area

Lake Biwa in Shiga ~Go on excursion of the lake district~

For six months after October, “The culture of water” campaign will take place in Shiga, especially around lake Biwa.
Before the campaign starts, I decided to visit the eastern and northern sides of lake Biwa. The themes of my excursions are “water and life”, “water and prayer”, and “water and food”.
I walked around, talk to locals, and ate local cuisine to re-discover the charm of this beautiful area and “The culture of water”.

Tennei-ji (Gohyakurakan)

Founded in 1811, Tennei-ji is a temple of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, built atop a hill that overlooks the nearby town.
It is said that Ii Naonaka, lord of the Hikone clan, had a female servant named Wakatake executed for falling pregnant with an illegitimate child while working in a male-barred place. However, upon later learning that he was the father, he built Tennei-ji to memorialize Wakatake and his son.