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Wakayama, Mt. Koya

World Heritage Site – Mt. Koya (Part 2) – Walking Around “Okunoin,” Mausoleum for Kobo Daishi

Wakayama Prefecture. After enjoying the autumn leaves at Kongobu-ji and enjoying sesame tofu and shojin-ryori for lunch, let’s continue on and walk around “Okunoin.” Okunoin hosts the graves of historical figures and daimyo from across the country, is filled with interestingly shaped graves and memorial towers, and is home to Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum.
In this second part, I’ll provide information on accessing Mt. Koya and some great value tickets.

Porto Europe “Christmas Illumination”

Wakayama Marina City, which faces Wakaura Bay, is an artificial island that is home to the Mediterranean port city-styled theme park “Porto Europe,” as well as a seafood market, hot spring facilities, and resort hotels. This winter Porto Europe once again will display its jumbo Christmas tree and celebrate the Christmas spirit!