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Ehime Prefecture – “Nanrakuen” Ume Festival

Nanrakuen is the largest Japanese garden in Shikoku, boasting a total area of 153,322 square meters.
Every year, 160 trees for 15 different types of plum bloom one after another for a month, making going to view the flowers an amazing experience.
Umemi Teahouse offers free plum tea and has amazake and red bean soup for sale.
Fun events such as umeboshi seed-spreading tournaments are also held during this period.

“Udon Bus,” Where You Can Enjoy Kagawa Prefecture’s Specialty Sanuki Udon

Kagawa Prefecture is a region famous for having the best udon in Japan. Their specialty, “sanuki udon,” is slippery and smooth, and it has a unique firmness to it. In Japanese, this firmness is referred to as “koshi ga aru,” which means that they “have body” to them.
The “Udon Bus,” which is recommended for people visiting Kagawa Prefecture for the first time, takes passengers around to famous sanuki udon restaurants and sightseeing spots.
The bus offers both an affordable half-day tour of two udon restaurants as well as an efficient day-long tour of sightseeing spots and udon restaurants. The restaurants visited change based on the day of the week and the tour chosen.

TOKIWA Fantasia 2017

Tokiwa Park’s winter illumination is the largest scale illumination event in western Japan. Under the premise of cooperative design, the Tokiwa illumination allows companies, schools, and other organizations to participate in designing the illuminations.

National Bihoku Hillside Park “Bihoku Illumination”

An incredibly varied illumination show is created using National Bihoku Hillside Park’s topography and plantlife. The entirety of the park is enveloped in light, giving the sight a sense of depth and making it very popular. In addition to enjoying the themes of each area, the park features a variety of other displays as well, including the ever-popular Starlight Tree.

Okayama Momotaroh Festival – Momotaroh Fantasy 2017

This lights illumination takes you on an adventure through “Momotaroh Kingdom,” where Momotaroh was born and raised. The symbol tree is decorated in a year’s end motif, and the area around the station is full of objects illuminated in peach, purple, and light blue to tell the journey’s tale through lights. The zelkova trees lining the east side of the station are also lit up beautifully, as are the trees lining the roads, exciting all of the people in the crowds!

Yamaguchi Prefecture, a Festival with Over 290 Years of History: “Hagi Jidai Matsuri”

The “Hagi Jidai Matsuri” is a traditional event with over 290 years of history held in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Hagi City. During this event, over 200 people take part in the time-honored “Hagi Daimyo Procession” offertory queue that parades through the city.Along the road’s main points, in front of the kimono-clad girls riding kago, is where the “Zori Tori no Mai,” a dance with zori sandals, takes place. (※Kago=A vehicle carried from the front and back by sticks, made of wood or bamboo, that are hung alongside the seat. Like a palanquin) Additionally, another must-see is the “Choshu Ippon Yari,” in which long-handled spears are used in a splendid performance.

Yuushien Garden - Autumn and Winter Illumination

Yuushien Garden is famous for being the San’in Region’s largest scale circuit-style garden. In 2016 it will once again host its “Autumn and Winter Illumination.”
The park’s illumination utilizes over 1 million computer-controlled sparkling lights in displays such as the original “Jewellumination,” which was designed with sparkling jewels in mind, as well as the new “Underwater Illumination,” and the “Golden Tunnel” lined with champagne-gold and rice-gold lights.