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Okayama Momotaroh Festival – Momotaroh Fantasy 2017

This lights illumination takes you on an adventure through “Momotaroh Kingdom,” where Momotaroh was born and raised. The symbol tree is decorated in a year’s end motif, and the area around the station is full of objects illuminated in peach, purple, and light blue to tell the journey’s tale through lights. The zelkova trees lining the east side of the station are also lit up beautifully, as are the trees lining the roads, exciting all of the people in the crowds!

Okayama Koraku-en

Around 300 years ago, Okayama Koraku-en was built for the 2nd daimyo of the Okayama clan, Ikeda Tsunamasa, as a place for him to retreat to. Alongside Mito’s Kairaku-en and Kanazawa’s Kenroku-en, Koraku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan.
Awarded three stars by Michelin Green Guide Japan, Koraku-en is considered a beautiful garden landscape not just in Japan, but worldwide.