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Kagawa Prefecture

“Suzaki Foods Shop,” a Famous Sanuki Udon Restaurant in Kagawa Prefecture

“Sanuki udon” is one of Kagawa Prefecture’s specialty dishes. The prefecture is also home to a vast quantity of udon restaurants, and since oftentimes you can get a bowl for just 200 yen, going around and eating at multiple udon restaurants is fairly popular. This time, I visited “Suzaki Foods Shop,” a popular restaurant located on the west side of Kagawa Prefecture, and it’s so well-known that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the mecca of sanuki udon!

“Udon Bus,” Where You Can Enjoy Kagawa Prefecture’s Specialty Sanuki Udon

Kagawa Prefecture is a region famous for having the best udon in Japan. Their specialty, “sanuki udon,” is slippery and smooth, and it has a unique firmness to it. In Japanese, this firmness is referred to as “koshi ga aru,” which means that they “have body” to them.
The “Udon Bus,” which is recommended for people visiting Kagawa Prefecture for the first time, takes passengers around to famous sanuki udon restaurants and sightseeing spots.
The bus offers both an affordable half-day tour of two udon restaurants as well as an efficient day-long tour of sightseeing spots and udon restaurants. The restaurants visited change based on the day of the week and the tour chosen.

Kankakei (Ropeway)

Kankakei is a gorge in Kagawa Prefecture’s Shodo Island. It is located in the heart of Setonaikai National Park.
The valley of Kankakei was formed over thousands of years as volcanic andesite and agglomerate were thrust upward via shifting of the earth’s mantle and eroded by rain and wind, creating a spectacular scene of sheer cliffs and rock formations.
It has been recognized as one of the Three Great Valleys of Beauty in Japan, one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan, as well as one of the “100 Natural Heritage Sites in Japan of the 21st Century.”

The 30th Takamatsu Winter Festival

Hosted in Takamatsu Central Park, colored lights illuminate Takamatsu at night.
Around 20,000 lights will illuminate the park, alongside events like bubbles blown near the on-site Christmas tree, and lit up displays such as functional mini-bullet trains.
In addition, there will be planned stage events for children, as well as food stalls from Obihiro City and PR booths from Naha City.