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Okinawa’s Climate [Sightseeing in Okinawa, from Okinawan Locals]

Okinawa Prefecture is located in the westernmost area of Japan, and it has an almost entirely subtropical climate. Depending on when you visit, it may be tough to decide what sorts of clothes or items to bring along. This article will present monthly average temperatures for Okinawa (from 2016), and I’ll also include some advice for visiting from my personal experience as someone born in Okinawa! Be sure to reference these points when planning your trip to Okinawa!

Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri

The Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri is held every year over the course of 3 days and boasts numbers of around 300,000 attendees. Eisa is one of Okinawa’s traditional performance arts, done to pay respects to and send off ancestors.

Enjoy Asian Sweets at an Ocean-view café in Okinawa; “Café Curcuma”

Visited Asian Herb restaurant Café Curcuma located in the southern part of Okinawa!
This is a restaurant that offers authentic Thai dishes, and in fact, it is certified as one of “Thai Select” restaurants by the Thai Ministry of Commerce.
In this trip, I visited to the café to enjoy their delicious sweets and breathtaking ocean view.