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Okinawa × Sightseeing Spots

I visited Daisekirinzan in Yambaru, Okinawa, and felt the earth’s energy!

Northern Okinawa is called Yambaru. It is a place where they are proud of their natural surroundings. Going farther north, there is a place called Daisekirinzan, locals call it “power spot”. It is said, there you can experience the earth`s energy flowing. One sunny day I hiked there to enjoy nature in the subtropical zone. I found strange shaped rocks, massive stones, and forest and ocean views from the plateau.

Okinawa’s Highest Point! Beautiful View of Uegusukujo Castle Ruins

The Uegushikujo castle ruins lay on Kume Island, around 100 kilometers west of Okinawa’s main island.With an altitude of 310 meters, the ruins are the highest point in Okinawa Prefecture.The view from the castle ruins is truly picturesque. The 360°view not only lets you overlook the entirety of Kume Island, but you can also see Hatenohama, neighboring islands, and even Okinawa’s main island when the weather is clear.