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Okinawa Prefecture – Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice at Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin

“Nakayukui Market at Onna no Eki” is a Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area) located in Onna Village in the heart of Okinawa Prefecture.
It is located along Japan National Route 58, known for its stunning view of the coast, and is an extremely popular rest spot packed with souvenirs, local produce, and gourmet restaurants.
Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin is a shaved ice shop that uses plenty of Okinawan fruits in their products. It is a famous shop that is often featured on TV or in guide books!

Enjoy Asian Sweets at an Ocean-view café in Okinawa; “Café Curcuma”

Visited Asian Herb restaurant Café Curcuma located in the southern part of Okinawa!
This is a restaurant that offers authentic Thai dishes, and in fact, it is certified as one of “Thai Select” restaurants by the Thai Ministry of Commerce.
In this trip, I visited to the café to enjoy their delicious sweets and breathtaking ocean view.