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Okinawa City, Central Main Island

Okinawa Children’s World Zoo & Museum – Christmas Fantasy

1.4 million colorful lights warmly greet visitors to the Okinawa Children’s World Zoo and Museum. The celebration’s main event, “Lights, Snow, and Fireworks Super laser beam,” will be upgraded, and the park also features other events such as a “Horror Night Zombie Area” and a large Santa Claus in the middle of the lake!

Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri

The Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri is held every year over the course of 3 days and boasts numbers of around 300,000 attendees. Eisa is one of Okinawa’s traditional performance arts, done to pay respects to and send off ancestors. There are many roles to be played in Eisa, like playing taiko drums or sanshin (a three-stringed instrument), dancing, and carrying flags, all of which come together and are matched to the music. Among all the roles, one of the coolest to watch is the taiko drumming as they put on a powerful show playing the drums while dynamically dancing about.
There are many Eisa teams, and it’s fun to see the different styles of the performance that each of them take on.