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A Fall Foliage Viewing Spot in Hokkaido: Breathtakingly Beautiful Kosetsu-en, a Garden Constructed by a Magnate by the Name of Iwafune in the Meiji Period

In Hokkaido’s Hakodate, there is a park called “Miharashi Park”, which covers an area of 460,000 m2 and features a Japanese-style garden called “Kosetsu-en”. In the garden, about 150 varieties of trees, the flowers and the quaint buildings provide the perfect foil for each other. What’s more, the fall foliage is too beautiful for words.

Den-en-chofu, a Garden City Adorned with Ginkgoes

Renowned as an upscale residential street, Den-en-chofu is a street located in the western tip of Ota and adjacent to the southern tip of Setagaya in Tokyo.
If you want to view ginkgoes in Tokyo, but dislike the crowdedness of popular spots such as Jingu Gaien or Tokyo University, Den-en-chofu in Tokyo’s Ota is a good and quiet place for appreciating the beauty of ginkgoes.

【Osaka】 “Expo'70 Commemorative Park” Info on Fall Foliage & Fall Events

“Expo'70 Commemorative Park” was built at the remaining site of the Japan World Exposition held back in 1970. In the site as large as nearly 260 ha, there live various trees and flowers, and also there are waterfalls and Japanese garden. In this article, we will talk about the “Japanese Garden” area with astonishing fall beauty and also tell you about fall events!