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Geibikei Boat Ride – Kotatsu Boat Service

This service allows passengers to enjoy drifting through the view of Geibikei, designated in 1925 as a scenic spot of natural beauty, from inside of a boat. Called the “Kotatsu Boat,” starting on December 1st this trip takes guests through the valley’s winter beauty, past about 2 kilometers of towering rock cliffs that can reach 100 meters high while the passengers stay warm under the boat’s kotatsu.

Akita Prefecture’s Event with a History of Over 100 Years! Kamihinokinai’s Paper Balloon Festival

This is a winter event representative of Akita Prefecture.
Large candlelit paper balloons, painted with warrior pictures and Ukiyo-e styled women, flutter in the winter night sky like shining stars. A total of around 100 paper balloons are released into the night sky.
The Paper Balloon Festival is a traditional event that has been held for over 100 years.
The origin of the event is said to have its roots in the Edo Period scientist, Hiraga Gennai (17280-1780), who supposedly taught the populace the principles behind hot air balloons.

Ushibuka Akane fair

“Akane,” a word in Ushibuka’s dialect meaning a “large catch” or “something good,” is an event where local seafood and mountain vegetables are all gathered in one place. At the Akane main event, the Thai Fishing Tournament, you can enjoy the true charm of Thai fishing. (Registration required in advance)

Yamaguchi Prefecture, a Festival with Over 290 Years of History: “Hagi Jidai Matsuri”

The “Hagi Jidai Matsuri” is a traditional event with over 290 years of history held in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Hagi City. During this event, over 200 people take part in the time-honored “Hagi Daimyo Procession” offertory queue that parades through the city.Along the road’s main points, in front of the kimono-clad girls riding kago, is where the “Zori Tori no Mai,” a dance with zori sandals, takes place. (※Kago=A vehicle carried from the front and back by sticks, made of wood or bamboo, that are hung alongside the seat. Like a palanquin) Additionally, another must-see is the “Choshu Ippon Yari,” in which long-handled spears are used in a splendid performance.

Tokyo – Ootori Shrine “Tori no Ichi”

“Tori no Ichi” is a festival held across Japan so that people can pray for good business and monetary luck. It is held in various locations during November, but the Tori no Ichi held at Ootori Shrine, known for being particularly auspicious, is said to receive the most visitors and boast the most stalls. Visitors purchase lucky “rakes” to bring in the good fortune for the coming year.
Originally the “rakes,” called “kumade,” were used as agricultural tools, but they soon became a symbol of “raking in” luck and monetary fortune, so they became decorative. The rakes are decorated with lucky items like “koban” gold coins and sea bream, and they’re sold for a range of prices, anywhere from 1000 yen to several tens of thousands of yen each. There are around 150 different stalls that sell these rakes, so it can be great fun to find just the right rake for you!

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Saitama – Kawagoe Matsuri

The official name of Kawagoe Matsuri is “Kawagoe Hikawa Matsuri,” and it has a long history of over 360 years. It is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. During the festival, spectacular floats that carry elaborate dolls parade through the streets. The daytime is a great chance to see the ornate detailing on each float up close. At night, enjoy the fantastical atmosphere while watching the floats illuminated with colorful lights.