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Geibikei Boat Ride – Kotatsu Boat Service

This service allows passengers to enjoy drifting through the view of Geibikei, designated in 1925 as a scenic spot of natural beauty, from inside of a boat. Called the “Kotatsu Boat,” starting on December 1st this trip takes guests through the valley’s winter beauty, past about 2 kilometers of towering rock cliffs that can reach 100 meters high while the passengers stay warm under the boat’s kotatsu.

Lake Biwa in Shiga ~Go on excursion of the lake district~

For six months after October, “The culture of water” campaign will take place in Shiga, especially around lake Biwa.
Before the campaign starts, I decided to visit the eastern and northern sides of lake Biwa. The themes of my excursions are “water and life”, “water and prayer”, and “water and food”.
I walked around, talk to locals, and ate local cuisine to re-discover the charm of this beautiful area and “The culture of water”.

Enjoy Spring in Osaka’s Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park!

The “Expo ’70 Commemorative Park” exists on the site of the 1970 Japan World Exposition. The expansive area, spanning approximately 260 hectares, contains many sights and facilities, like the park’s symbolic Tower of the Sun, a variety of trees and flowers, and hands-on experience facilities.