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Tsuruga Port Illumination 『Miraie』 (To the Future)

The entirety of Kanegasaki Ryokuchi Park, which faces Tsuruga Port, is illuminated during this event. In addition to brick warehouses and former port stations being lit up, the trees lining the roads are also illuminated. Other light attractions include bright corridors of lights and shining train cars!
This retro port town becomes enveloped in a fantastical atmosphere, making it a perfect location for romantic strolls.

White Christmas in Karuizawa

White Christmas in Karuizawa began as a hand-made illumination started and made by several women. That group has since broadened, and now that illumination is the main event of Karuizawa’s Winter Festival!

2017 Sendai Pageant of Starlight

2017 will mark the 32st anniversary of the Pageant of Starlight. Each year 600,000 lights, called Starlight Leaves, illuminate the trees that line downtown Sendai’s Jozenji-Dori.

Nagasaki Prefecture’s Fantastically Shining Town – Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Approximately 15,000 richly colored lanterns and decorated objects of varying sizes, from big to small, fantastically illuminate and color the town.
Every day during the event period, each venue hosts a variety of shows, including dragon dances, Chinese acrobatics, and erhu performances. This event is fun and popular thanks to its cheerful atmosphere.
The event was originally held by residents of Nagasaki Chinatown to celebrate the lunar new year, but ever since the events scope was broadened as of 1994, it has become an event representative of Nagasaki that sees over 1 million tourists visiting each year.