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Kozushima, a Remote Island Easily Accessible from the Heart of Tokyo

Kozushima is a remote island located 178km south of Tokyo, and it is part of the Izu Islands.
It is a gorgeous resort area, with beautiful oceans, mountains, and starry skies. Kozushima is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
I had a lovely time camping there recently, so I’ll be introducing my experience and the island.

Hate no Hama

Hate no Hama

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Hate no Hama is a beach island located around 5 kilometers away from Kume Island in Okinawa. It is an uninhabited island.
Hate no Hama is made up of three islands. From closest to farthest from Kume Island, they are “Menuhama,” “Nakanuhama,” and “Hatinuhama,” but collectively they are known as “Hate no Hama.”
Known for being the most beautiful water in the east, Okinawa’s seawater is gorgeous and extremely clear.
Hate no Hama has also appeared in a commercial for the search engine Google.