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Go by the Shinkansen! Snow Resorts in Japan

During the winter, Japan is covered in silvery snow as far as the eye can see, creating vast and spectacular landscapes. Depending on the region of Japan you’re visiting, you can enjoy snow-related activities for as long as late November through early May.

Visit these Snow Resorts with the Economical JR Pass! Also Introducing Enjoyable Travel Plans (The Second Part)

Winter has finally arrived! Along with the economical JR Pass, I'd like to introduce snow resorts where visitors can have fun skiing and snowboarding! I'd also like to suggest some local places where you can enjoy relaxing your mind and body.
This second post includes information on how to use the convenient JR Pass to get from Tokyo to Nagano or Niigata as well as the areas surrounding the Kanto plain!

Visit these Snow Resorts with the Economical JR Pass! Also Introducing Enjoyable Travel Plans (The First Part)

Winter has finally arrived! So along with the economical JR Pass, we'd like to introduce some snow resorts where you can enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding! We will also suggest some ways to relax your mind and body while having fun in these locations. The first part of this post features information on recommended spots in the Tohoku area that you can get to from Tokyo on the JR Pass!

Why not upload your winter wonderland photos from Hokkaido to your SNS?

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The “GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort” has excellent accessibility! It’s only 1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo, with direct access to the station!

Among all of the available ski resorts in Japan, we would like to recommend “GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort,” an exceptionally easy-to-access ski resort that is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Tokyo. The facility is, of course, a great place to ski or snowboard, but it also offers attractions that anyone can enjoy, such as beginner-friendly snow parks and snow-play corners, as well as sledding slopes. As the resort is not near any large city centers, once guests arrive by train or Shinkansen, the primary mode of travel is by bus. However, the GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort has direct access to a Shinkansen station, which makes it a very convenient access point for travelers!