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Capsule Hotel at Mt. Fuji’s 5th Station, “Lodge Fujiyama”

The “Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station” in Yamanashi Prefecture is the trailhead that leads to the Yoshida route up Mt. Fuji. “Fujikyu Unjokaku” is a facility with restaurants and shopping, located near the 5th station at an altitude of 2,305 meters.
This time, we will be introducing a capsule hotel located in that very facility, “Lodge Fujiyama.”

Climbing Mount Fuji, a World Heritage! (A Complete Guide to the Yoshida Trail)

If you have climbed Mount Fuji (at an elevation of 3,776 m), the symbol of Japan, you definitely have a pleasant memory. And if you have seen the sunrise at the summit of Mount Fuji, it is absolutely an unforgettable experience!
People hike up Mount Fuji usually between early July and early September, outside which climbing Mount Fuji is not permitted. Here we recommend the Yoshida trail that is safe and convenient even for first-time climbers.

Viewing Fall Foliage in Fukushima: Ryozen Prefectural Natural Park that Offering Pleasant Experience of Climbing and Wonderful View of Fantastically Shaped Rocks and Hills Blanketed with Fall Foliage!

Mount Ryo (Ryozen), located in Date, Fukushima Prefecture at an altitude of 825 m, offers beautiful views all the year round. With numerous maple trees and zelkova trees, the mountain is a famous spot for viewing fall foliage in Fukushima. Boasting undulating terrain, it is also reputed to be a “mountain of rocks”, most of which are basalt. The mountain was built with walkways following its being designated as the site for Ryozen Prefectural Natural Park. You can view wonderful peculiarly-shaped rocks and fall leaves, while you are hiking the mountain.

Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam

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Boasting a height of 186 meters, the Kurobe Dam is one of the top-class dams worldwide!
A popular tourist spot, the Kurobe Dam is visited by over 1 million tourists each year!
From the dam’s new viewing platform, you can watch the powerful sight of over 10 tons of water draining out per second.
(Please be aware that water drainage only occurs from late June through mid-October.)