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Kochi’s 2018 Yosakoi Festival

Have you heard of the “Yosakoi Festival”? It’s a very striking festival, in which dancers with wooden clappers called “naruko” dance along to the beat. The festival was first held over 60 years ago, and it has become such a popular phenomenon both in Japan and worldwide that it is currently held in 18 different locations across the world.
Kochi is the original home of the Yosakoi Festival.

Nagasaki Prefecture’s Fantastically Shining Town – Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Approximately 15,000 richly colored lanterns and decorated objects of varying sizes, from big to small, fantastically illuminate and color the town.
Every day during the event period, each venue hosts a variety of shows, including dragon dances, Chinese acrobatics, and erhu performances. This event is fun and popular thanks to its cheerful atmosphere.
The event was originally held by residents of Nagasaki Chinatown to celebrate the lunar new year, but ever since the events scope was broadened as of 1994, it has become an event representative of Nagasaki that sees over 1 million tourists visiting each year.

Okinawa Children’s World Zoo & Museum – Christmas Fantasy

1.4 million colorful lights warmly greet visitors to the Okinawa Children’s World Zoo and Museum. The celebration’s main event, “Lights, Snow, and Fireworks Super laser beam,” will be upgraded, and the park also features other events such as a “Horror Night Zombie Area” and a large Santa Claus in the middle of the lake!

Beppu Christmas Hanabi Fantasia

“Beppu’s Christmas Hanabi Fantasia,” the winter celebration in Beppu, will return for 2017! In addition to amazing fireworks timed with music, the festival features local elementary students in the “Christmas Songs Sing-Along with Children” (around 1000 participants total) event. The touching Christmas songs fill the area with warmth, spreading a fantastical atmosphere through the area.

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Situated smack dab in the center of the Dogenzaka area of Shibuya, which is said to be Japan’s leading trend-setting location, you'll find one of the best nightclubs in Tokyo: SOUND MUSEUM VISION! Starting with the main floor, GAIA, which features a world-class sound system, the club also has 4 other sub-floors catering to different styles. You'll find all the best artists from all over Japan and the rest of the world here; you're sure to leave completely satisfied. Come check it out!

【TOKYO】 “ALATA”; the Samurai Entertainment for visitors from all countries!

At the Alternative Theater in Yurakucho in Tokyo, Japanese Samurai Entertainment “ALATA” has been played. Since it is a non-verbal (language-free) performance, there are rarely no lines by characters. Instead, the story is told through images, music, dynamic dance and Japanese sword actions. For the performance to be enjoyed by people from all countries, the show is packed with unique Japanese cultural factors.