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A Chinese Lunch at “Zenshutoku,” a Ginza Restaurant Famous for its Peking Duck

“Zenshutoku” is a Chinese restaurant that serves up authentic Peking duck. Their Peking duck is carefully prepared in the same process, made up of over 50 steps, as that at the famous restaurant “Quanjude.” Zenshutoku’s Ginza location closed over 3 years ago due to a fire, but it was finally able to reopen in November of 2018. I decided to stop by for lunch right away.

Osaka’s Famous Kushikatsu from “Osaka Shinsekai Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma”

Lately, when you think of Shinsekai in Osaka, it’s become synonymous with kushikatsu. The restaurant that started this new trend is “Kushikatsu Daruma.” There are currently 18 locations of “Kushikatsu Daruma.” Even just within Shinsekai, where the chain originated, there are 4 locations, “Shinsekai Honten,” “Janjan,” “Tsutenkaku,” and “Dobutsuenmae.” This time, I decided to visit the largest location of them, “Kushikatsu Daruma Dobutsuenmae.”