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Enjoy Seasonal Breakfast at “Hannari Tennoji Store”

If you’re looking for a great lunch around Abeno, an area around Tennoji in Osaka, then you absolutely should check this place out! I’ve heard that sort of high praise about this restaurant several times, so I decided to stop by “Hannari Tennoji Store” for lunch!
This restaurant offers traditional Kyoto home cooking, “obanzai.”

“THE SPINDLE,” Toyota Lexus Café in Tokyo

“Tokyo Midtown Hibiya” is a storefront complex that opened in March of 2018.
“LEXUS MEETS…” is a brand-experience facility on the 1st floor of that very building which features boutiques, cafés, vehicle exhibitions, and test drives.
This time, I stopped by that facility’s café, THE SPINDLE, for lunch.

Experience Harajuku’s Culture Here! “KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ”

Harajuku is a section of Tokyo that takes in fashion and culture from around the world and turns it into its own original culture. One of those sections of Harajuku garnering much attention from around the world right now as the birthplace of Japanese “kawaii” (cute) culture is “KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ.”